How do I change my snack selections for my Subscribe and Save box?

How do I change my snack selections for my Subscribe and Save box?

You can edit the number of snacks included in your Subscribe and Save order using the following steps:

  1. Hover over your name and click on Subscriptions.
  2. It will list when the next box will process along with all of the snacks you're subscribed to. 
  3. To change the quantity, select from the drop-down next to the name of the snack (you will be able to choose from 0-20).
  4. To remove a snack, you can use the orange remove the link, or change the quantity to 0 (If you only have one snack in your subscription you will not see the remove link).

 shopping cart


*If there is only one snack as part of the subscribe and save order, the drop-down will only include 1-20. (If you wish to add remove the last item on the list, let's make sure to add another snack that you want to receive on your next order first before removing the last snack).


To add more snacks:

1. Click the picture of the snacks that you want to add.

2. There will be an option for a One-time purchase or Subscribe and Save 10%. Kindly choose the Subscribe and save option

snack image



The additional snack will be included in your next Subscribe to Save order and all future subscribe and save orders until your order is edited or canceled.

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