How Do I Find the Ingredients for Each Snack?

How Do I Find the Ingredients for Each Snack?

Follow these easy steps to view the ingredients in our snacks.

  1. Click here to visit our snack catalog.
  2. Click on the picture of a snack that you want to learn more about.
  3. You can find details by clicking on Description, Nutrition, and Ingredients. 

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    • Are NatureBox Snacks Organic?

      While our snacks are not currently certified organic, we do have many snacks made with organic ingredients. (This will be clearly listed on the package label) To find out how to view ingredients for a particular snack, please click here.
    • What happens if I don't like a snack?

      We get it - you might not like every snack you try. Contact us within 90 days from your purchase and we’ll provide a store credit for the purchase price of the snack. Need help finding a new snack? We’re happy to help you discover something you’re ...
    • How Many Servings Are in Each Bag?

      Each snack bag contains 2-8 ounces. The weight of each serving/bag varies by each individual snack. To get more information about a specific snack like serving sizes and ingredients, click here.
    • Are NatureBox snacks gluten-free?

      While we currently don't have any snacks that are certified gluten-free, we have many snacks that do not contain gluten-bearing ingredients. What’s the difference? All of our snacks are packed in facilities that also handle wheat, milk, eggs, soy, ...
    • Are all ingredients grown in the US?

      Our home is in the San Francisco Bay Area. We ship out of the Midwest. We work with a variety of small businesses and farms to create our snacks. While most of them are sourcing ingredients made in the United States, there are some products that ...