What is NatureBox?

What is NatureBox?

NatureBox makes smart, delicious snacking easy! We deliver over 100 bold, satisfying choices right to your door and add new snacks every month so there’s always something to try and discover.

All of our snacks do not use artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils. Your membership and satisfaction are ensured through our Don't Like It, Don't Eat It guarantee (we will add store credit that can be used towards your next order*).

NatureBox members also receive exclusive member only promotions, credit for snacks you don't like, and early access to our newest items every month!

Membership Payback Guarantee

After your 30-day free trial, we're so sure you'll love our unique delicious snacks, that if you don't make back your membership fee in savings during your first year, we'll make up the difference in store credit upon renewal. With awesome price discounts, a monthly store credit, and great promotional offers you're sure to find plenty to love, and all at no risk!*

*Applicable to all new NatureBox members who signed up on/after 6/10/2020 and who renew their annual membership when it expires.

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    • How Do I Get Started?

      Ready to start snacking smarter? You're in the right place! With NatureBox snacks conveniently delivered to your door, switching gears is easier than ever. To get started, please follow these steps: Click here to visit our catalog. Browse the catalog ...
    • How Do I Contact NatureBox?

      Our Snack Concierges are available on weekdays. You can email us at support@naturebox.com or through our Contact Us form and one of our Snack Concierges will reply as soon as possible.
    • I Have A Great Suggestion For NatureBox!

      Have a great idea for NatureBox? Whether it's snack suggestions, ideas for our website, or recommendations to improve your experience we are constantly searching for ways to better our products and service. Our greatest ideas and improvements come ...
    • Can I return/refuse my NatureBox for a refund?

      For food safety reasons we are unable to accept any returns once the package has left the NatureBox warehouse. If you don't enjoy a snack, simply Contact Us within 90 days of purchase to let us know. We'll process a Store Credit for the purchase ...
    • I can't log in to NatureBox. What do I do?

      If you are having trouble signing in, here are some things to check: Incorrect E-mail Address If you have more than one email address, be sure that you are using the correct email listed in your NatureBox account. Your email address must be in this ...